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Are you a digital marketer, eCommerce director, public relations of human resources manager?
Semantic generates actionable insights from online and social media data to accelerate growth.

Behavior analytics tools to do work for you

We innovate to deliver the best result. Maps and measures the relationship between users in social media.
Behavior analytics will measure behavior of people by learning how they respond to issue or produce content on social media.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

1. Improve Your Insights

Utilize data to get behavior pattern, make campaign strategic and share to your audience. 

2. Manage Brand Company’s

Measure and analyze your staff performance, brand company’s, learn how to get more brand reputation.

3. Improve Staff Performance

By using behavior analytics tools, you can do to increase employee efficiency at the office. Opening strategies to improve employee  performance. 

4. Real Time Information

Monitor issue and media conversation. Identify who and what influences the conversation. Give quick response for public.

5. Interactive Dashboard

We help you measure coverage, reach, sentiments and ROI.

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